Let us put one of the world's top festivals to work for you!

Did you know that the Portland Rose Festival is one of the top three sponsorship properties in the state of Oregon? As an international leader in the event sponsorship industry, the Rose Festival prides itself on meeting and exceeding sponsor expectations through attention to detail, exemplary client service, and creative marketing solutions. Our professional and experienced staff will work closely with you to develop an innovative, embedded sponsorship program that goes above and beyond your typical venue sponsorship. The Rose Festival marketing team is eager to work with you to tailor a program to your specific needs!

"When considering the perfect venues for our national tour for a family-oriented television show, it is sometimes tough to match the product with the target demographic audience. The Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Adventure Tour has strict criteria which must be met for an extremely family-friendly, all-ages atmosphere. The Portland Rose Festival met and exceeded every expectation we had for the event, and we were overly satisfied not only with the sheer record-breaking numbers of families who visited our exhibit, but the overall diversity of the event itself. I would highly recommend this event for any of our clients for the reputation, value, diversity, perfect blend of entertainment and overall fun, friendly atmosphere!"
-Kary Regallis, Program Manager, Aspen Marketing Services, For Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Adventure Tour

"The Centennial Rose Promotion was brilliant in every respect. The concept, the follow-through, the media support—we have never been involved with a more successful promotion. The rose festival team did an extraordinary job of understanding the client’s needs and putting together a promotion that built more than just awareness, it generated store traffic and sales for the client. Thank you, Rose Festival, you made us look great."
-Richard Petralia, East Bank Communications

"The shops have told me that many customers came in on Sunday and Monday after seeing us in the [Grand Floral] Parade & many were thankful for receiving the candy bars. The community reception has been very positive & all area shops have had customers commenting on how great it was to see us participate in the Rose Festival…Additionally, all shops have had customers come in specifically to purchase the [Rose Festival] truffle box ... and most have bought more than 1 at a time...

I am very optimistic about the impact next year will have – Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to participate."
-Lori Wagner, District Manager for See's Candies

"Spirit Mountain Casino is proud to be an ongoing sponsor of the Portland Rose Festival. Our organization strongly values community traditions and family-oriented events.  Every year our employees, Tribal elders and youth look forward to working side by side building our float. It creates a strong sense of ownership and pride in their accomplishments. This is our opportunity to communicate with over 300,000 spectators and millions of viewers, providing insight into the Grand Ronde culture and traditions. The Rose Festival  provides incredible partnership, feedback, and direction. We have found it to be a completely win/win experience."
-Kathy Bland, Sponsorship Coordinator
    Spirit Mountain Casino

Our Goals

  • To understand your business objectives and build event marketing strategies tailored to fit your needs.
  • To be on call and readily available onsite throughout the Festival to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.
  • To provide a comprehensive sponsor audit following the Festival to demonstrate our ability to deliver a strong return on your investment.

We are happy to provide specific case studies and references from our sponsors.

For more information, please contact:
Chris O'Brien, Director of Sales
Christie Wong, Sponsorship Manager
at 503.227.2681

Why Sponsor the Rose Festival?

  • More than one million people attend 50-plus events during this world-class celebration that generates $50 million annually for Oregon's economy.
  • The International Festival & Events Association (IFEA) consistently ranks the Rose Festival as one of the top 10 festivals in the world -- and in 2007 at the 52nd Annual Convention & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, IFEA named the Rose Festival the BEST EVENT in the world, winner of the highly coveted Grand Pinnacle Award.
  • In 2009, the Rose Festival was honored with the title of Best Overall Sponsorship Program from the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA).
  • IFEA recognizes the quality of the Rose Festival on an annual basis by awarding multiple Pinnacle Awards for the Festival's events and prgrams, making the Rose Festival one of the top ten most honored organizations among 2,000 festivals and events who are part of the Association.
  • The Grand Floral Parade is ranked as the second largest all-floral parade and the fourth best parade overall in the United States, according to USA TODAY.
  • 80% percent of attendees at all events rate the quality of events as "excellent/above average."

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Increased sales — 70% of attendees say they are more likely to purchase a product/service from a Rose Festival sponsor.
  • One-to-one marketing — Interact directly with millions of customers and prospects.
  • Brand awareness — Increase your product's visibility both on-site and through ads on highly rated event broadcasts.
  • Sampling — Provide direct product interaction and education to a targeted group of consumers.
  • Promotional offers — Distribute coupons, create sweepstakes or contests, etc. to maximize your return.
  • Retail traffic — Build promotions that increase store traffic.
  • Database building — Integrate promotional elements that provide demographic and buying behavior information.
  • Goodwill — Enhance your perception in the community by partnering with the longest running civic celebration in Portland.
  • Employee relations — Involve employees in event activities to build enthusiasm, teamwork, and loyalty.
  • Sophisticated Promotional Campaigns — Work with the Rose Festival's dynamic, experienced marketing department to develop fun, creative, print and radio promotional campaigns aligned with specific Rose Festival events.
  • Hospitality — Enjoy top events at Rose Festival VIP chalets, attend private receptions with Rose Festival sponsors, receive premium tickets, and more.

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