Junior Parade Grand Marshals Give Back to the Community

May 2, 2012

Young Siblings Will and Allie Rosenfeld (facing their traditional bar and bat mitzvahs) recognized that they had an opportunity to do something more with their coming of age ritual. The two appealed to family and friends to donate to the Providence Cancer Research Center in lieu of giving them personal gifts. Collectively they raised $65,000 -- and the Portland Rose Festival is proud to honor them as Grand Marshals in the Fred Meyer Junior Parade (on Wednesday June 6 at 1:00 p.m. in the Hollywood District.)

"We were impressed with their spirit of giving," said Marilyn Clint, Director of Events & Communications for the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, explaining the choice. "Will and Allie are representative of so many fantastic young people giving back to the community. We thought this year we'd like to honor that spirit in the Junior Parade."

"Wow, what an honor and so exciting to be Grand Marshals -- this is the Rose Festival! Really, all we did was ask, and it was our friends and family who generously contributed to The Sisters Providence Cancer Research Center. Yep, we kids do listen on occasion to adults," was the response of Will and Allie.

Portland Rose Festival Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Curtis and President Sue Bunday made the announcement at the 14th annual 'Positive Perspectives: Creating Hope for Cancer Patients' luncheon (sponsored by the Yoshida Family benefitting Providence Portland Medical Foundation) on Wednesday, May 2, at the Oregon Convention Center, where the Rosenfelds were being recognized for their special effort.

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