The Happy Huffmans Anticipate Blue Skies for the Starlight Parade as Grand Marshals

April 27, 2012

YouTube stars Bruce and Esther Huffman didn't mind that Jimmy Fallon (who?) turned down the Rose Festival's invitation to be the Grand Marshal of the 2012 Starlight Parade, because they're happy to step in and replace him! Little wonder, with their nickname 'The Happy Huffmans.'

Hailing from McMinnville, Oregon, Bruce and Esther's viral video "Webcam 101 for Seniors..." has been viewed close to ten million times (and counting) -- and they've got several other YouTube videos out there, as well. They've appeared on numerous national TV shows (including "Good Morning America" and "Ellen") with charm that won't quit. They'll be accompanied in the PGE/Solve Starlight Parade by the all-girl acapella singing group High Altotude, singing "Blue Skies" (Bruce will love that!).

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2012 Starlight Parade Grand Marshals
The Happy Huffmans
(Esther and Bruce Huffman)

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