Board of Directors

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body of the world's top festival. Up to 75 members implement the Foundation's policies, work on committees for Rose Festival events, and fulfill assigned roles at these events.

Mission Statement

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation is a non-profit that serves families and individuals with programs and events that promote the arts, education and volunteerism.

We value environmental responsibility, diversity, patriotism and our historic & floral heritage.

2012-2013 Officers

President: Todd Johnston
President-Elect: Frank Chinn
Vice President: Brett Baker
Secretary: Sarah Friend
Treasurer: Arthur DeBow
Assistant Treasurer: Peter Mack

Message from the Rose Festival President

It's an honor and a responsibility to take on the role of Rose Festival President from my predecessor, Sue Bunday. I realize I'm following in a line of committed men and women who have led the Board of Directors of the festival since 1907, and this is not something I take lightly.

For the last four years, I've served as the Vice President and President-Elect, respectively, of the Portland Rose Festival Foundation. In my time as an Officer -- as well as my time as a Board member and event Chairman -- I've already learned a lot about the intricate planning and sometimes spontaneous creativity it takes to produce a world-class festival like ours. I've also learned about the tremendous impact the Rose Festival has on the local community, both socially and economically.

In a few weeks, the Rose Festival will release information about that economic impact. This summer we completed our first comprehensive economic impact research survey since the year 2000, and this winter we will be proud to share the results in front of Portland's City Council. More than a hundred years ago, the visionary people who started the Rose Festival dreamed of producing something that would not only attract visitors and their dollars to the Portland region, but would celebrate the quality of life of a modern, vibrant place for all of the people who live here.

I'm proud to lead the organization that started it all back then and still shepherds the festival today. And while I take that responsibility seriously, I recognize that the Rose Festival itself has to be offered with a sense of fun and celebration.

So this year our theme reflects just that. We want to welcome you all, whether you live in Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton or Astoria-or in Sapporo, Japan, for that matter-to Portland's Party! For more than a century we've been throwing the most elaborate party possible for this community, and the results have added up to hundreds of thousands of unforgettable memories and tens of millions of dollars annually.

Let's party!

Todd Johnston
Rose Festival President